Under 3s curriculumn

    The 3 prime areas which focus on children below the age of 3:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development

    Children are provided with experiences which help them develop a positive sense of themselves and of others. Children are shown how to perform real tasks which gives them confidence, refinement of motor skills, independence and self discipline.

  • Physical development

    The children have access to a garden. We will plant seasonal vegetables and tend our plants.  The children will also be provided with a range of outdoor activities. They are encouraged through opportunities to improve their coordination skills, control, manipulation and movement. We will also go to our local parks around Clapton every day.

  • Communication and Language

    Both the alphabet and reading are taught phonetically. Your child will be encouraged to communicate with others as well as develop their communication and speech.

    Over 3s curriculumn

    There are 4 specific areas which are mostly used for children over the age of 3 but can be used for the younger children as well.

  • Literacy

    We teach writing by first tracing shapes around insets and using the sandpaper letters. This teaches the child pencil control and the direction in which to write letters.

  • Mathematics

    Children are supported in developing their understanding of problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. We introduce numbers, combining the sound, shape and visual appearance of the symbol together with the quantity. We reinforce your child’s existing knowledge and then move on to new ideas.

  • Understanding of the world

    This includes subjects such as Science, History and Geography. Through the introduction of cultural topics children will learn about other countries and cultures. They will gain a greater understanding of other races and religions, from the type of food they eat to the homes they live in. The first steps of biology are introduced through classification of the animal kingdom, life cycles, farmyard animals and terminology cards.

  • Expressive art and design

    The children can express themselves artistically, explore and share their thoughts by painting, modelling, collage, drawing, clay, music, movement, dance, role play etc.

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Happy children space hoppers

You’re an important figure in her little heart

Folarin, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you’ve done with our daughter you have guided her well. Laugh/tease her, cuddle her when she needs one. You’re an important figure in her little heart and we hope we will keep in contact for a long time to come.