It would be great if you could come for a visit to see if our nursery is right for you!

In our home, your child may:

  • Take a trip around the world with their own passport
  • Play African drums
  • Role play as pirates, doctors or Morris dancers
  • Learn ballet or break dancing
  • Use a magnifying glass to watch a ladybird in the garden
  • Learn to pair socks or button a shirt
  • Dig for worms
  • Take a trip to the local farm
  • Identify and copy simple and complex shapes
  • Bake bread
  • Learn to plant seeds, work with soil and care for the environment
  • Set a table and share a snack with a friend
  • Watch a chick hatch
  • Learn about the continents
  • Watch a volcano erupt
  • Make scrambled eggs for tea
  • Identify variations in texture, weight and form
  • Listen and enact lively stories
  • Paint, model, draw, and sketch
  • Visit London zoo or the Buckingham palace

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